In every organisation, there are rules of work; a set of norms guiding people and their conducts. The rules affect how people interact, and highlights workplace etiquettes that must be adhered to. At the same time, working with people whose orientation and culture are different from yours can either be a challenge or a blessing. But in the workplace, there are some etiquettes a user must observe to create a win-win environment that promotes harmony.

Consider a regular user in a library; there are certain expectations to be met as a library member. Same applies to people working in a cowork workspace. In the era of cowork, where different people work from the same location, certain attitudes and behaviours from other users could make the workplace uncomfortable for other people.This can affect their emotional well-being and hinder concentration at work. This is why observing workplace etiquettes matters a lot to workplace users.

If you will have others respect the platinum rule while coworking, here some workplace etiquettes to observe when using a coworking workspace.
No noise

Silence is the first workplace etiquette to observe while working

Silence is the first workplace etiquette to observe while working. It’s wrong to distract other users with your conversations and discussions. If the need arises for conversations, you can excuse other users and leave to somewhere your voice cannot be heard.When playing music, you could make use of a headphone, rather than using it to stir unwanted attention.
Keep mobile phones silent

Keep mobile phones on silent mode during work hours

It’s a basic etiquette in a cowork space to put mobile phones in silent mode. Nothing distracts more in a coworking space like the sound of a high pitch ring tone of a mobile phone. This can be embarrassing. To avoid panic scenes, it’s advisable to have mobile phones on silent mode.


Be a team player

As a team player, your conduct might also inspire someone to copy your manners

Coworking locations are hotspots of collaboration, teamwork and creativity. It is a bad workplace etiquette to be involved in spreading gossip and defaming someone’s character. As a team player, your civil conduct might also inspire someone to copy your manners. Share ideas, not bicker over petty things.
Be courteous

If you must use what is not yours, get the owner’s approval

You urgently need to place a call, and your battery is flat, you then decide to make use of someone else’s mobile phone without permission. Such acts can be considered as a bad workplace etiquette. If you must use what is not yours, get the owner’s approval.
Keep the smells away

People perceive smells differently, avoid eating on your desk

Smells can easily diffuse and fill the whole space. This scenario is most common during lunch hours. When trying to have lunch or snack, it has to be done in the kitchen, lunch room or outside, rather than eating at your workspace. Many people are allergic to smells and could have nausea when they perceive smells they don’t like.
Be organised

A disorganised desk is never a sign of creativity

As opposed to some beliefs, a disorganised desk is never a sign of creativity. In fact, creative people are organised and plan their day well as well as their tasks. Do not be caught in the unprofessional workplace etiquette of having a scattered desk. It could rub you of potential business opportunities.

Punctuality is the soul of business

Recall the old saying “punctuality is the soul of business. Nothing instils confidence in a person faster than” Punctuality”. Early arrival to meetings is a workplace etiquette to be learned and repeated. For someone working in a cowork location, arriving early for appointments will secure more chances of closing deals.

Credit: 3Invest