People strive to develop and to attain the high ranks of corporate leadership.  It can be quiet rewarding at that level and occupies a high rank on the Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs.  People have however gotten to the top and yet have failed to live up the billing and had to descend.  Getting to the top they say, could be due to sheer hard work, one’s political affiliation, family lineage or just by stroke of luck.  However maintaining the position at the top requires that one has some attributes.

After a careful analysis of materials and corporate stories,  has come out with these seven (7) top attributes/skills every ‘sitting’ top management or an aspiring top-ranked management should have (not in any order).  For best results these attributes should be inbuilt before the climb to the top. However, it is not too late to be aware of them and work towards them if one is already at the top.

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