Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Winning with Blue Ocean Strategy: YFM stays on top

“Blue Ocean Strategy will have you wondering why companies need so much persuasion to stay out of shark-infested water.” – BusinessWeek, USA Blue Ocean Strategy...

Blue Oceans Strategy- Ghana Talks Business TV

Ghana Talk's Business' Paa Swanzy-Essuman discusses the underpinning strategies in the business strategy bestseller, The Blue Oceans Strategy with host of Ghana Talks Business...

Eight Key Points of Blue Ocean Strategy

Here’s the essence of blue ocean strategy captured in eight key points.What is distinctive about blue ocean strategy as a theory? How is blue...

Winning with the Blue Ocean Strategy- the Ashesi experience

In today’s highly competitive space in tertiary education, Ashesi University’s rise to prominence in delivering meaningful and top-notch graduates can be laid squarely on...


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