Nelson Wang, founder of shares what he picked from his friend Jerry.

One of the best habits I’ve picked up comes from my friend Jerry.

Here is his story.

He met two friends in business school named Adam and Kristian. They were in their mid to late twenties at the time.

After becoming friends, they bonded over buying mattresses.

Yup, buying mattresses. You read that correctly.

After all, the buying experience for a mattress can actually be pretty tough. Most people don’t know what to look for in terms of materials, firmness and budget. It’s incredibly hard to know the difference between mattresses and it’s also quite expensive.

They knew this was a pain point for people (they had been through it themselves) and so they decided to start a mattress company.

Here’s the thing: They didn’t have a deep expertise in the mattress industry.

What they did have though, was an intense and deep desire to change the buying experience for mattresses. To solve a problem. To make the process delightful.

They ended up doing intensive research and found an incredibly study on this exact topic. They emailed the researcher on the study, hopped on a Skype call and then flew out to Europe to strike a deal. They got the deal done.

Now they’ve officially launched and have been featured on Inc, GQ, Business Insider, Forbes, Fast Company and Entrepreneur.

So what habit did I learn?

You may not have the knowledge.

You may not have the skills.

You may not have the connections.

But that doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that you make the choice to start.

Make it a habit to start. To take action. To dive in. Now.


Source: Quora