The government of the United States of America a few days ago issued a warning to Ghana and five other African countries, to be wary of two cryptocurrency fraudsters who are using investment mechanisms to defraud innocent people.

The Head of the United States’ Cyber Crime Unit, John P. Hooks, in a communiqué, warned thus: “I would like to inform the public, especially in the following African countries and their government: Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, DRC Congo that one Mr. Junior Capputti and Mr. Emerson Pires in the name of president and vice-president respectively, in one programme that they call a company that is known as Mining Capital Coin (MCC).

Mr. Junior Capputti
Emerson Pires

“The above-mentioned names are con artists running a non-existence company to lure the public into investing their hard-earned money in the cryptocurrency market, which they promise unrealistic ROI and other benefits.

“Our intelligence have information that the named persons in question have been, for a long time, working alongside a fugitive known as Mr. Danillo Santana, the owner of D9 clube one of the deadliest organised scam of all time.

“If you see them in your countries, report to your nearest police station or call our hotline Interpol number below. 33472447163.”

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