She is a young entrepreneur, social worker and a business executive of One Yogo, a probiotic yoghurt that has been on the market for three years. Her product comes in two broad flavors – the OneYogo strawberry and the OneYogo vanilla. ‘While both flavors are produced with no preservatives and low sugar, we have recently introduced the sugar free versions of both flavors as well! This makes OneYogo suitable for each member of the family.’

Priscilla started her business from the garage-office of her residence, with only two staff members and her sedan vehicle doubling as the first delivery vehicle. ‘The product itself was improved from a domestic recipe which I developed as deserts for my family. Hence our slogan ‘it’s a family affair’. We see all our customers as family.’ OneYogo is equally refreshing to consume as it is health conscious. On top of that, OneYogo also engages in a lot of social works. For every bottle sold, 10p Ghc is channeled to the establishment and support of Diabetic Clinics in Accra.

The journey to success is rarely smooth sailing, and Priscilla also had some difficult hurdles to overcome. We asked her how she managed to remain motivated. ‘I am extremely inspired by women entrepreneurs in general and African female entrepreneurs in particular. The ground for entrepreneurship in Africa is not very fertile, the opportunities are limited especially for women trying to thrive in a male dominated field of entrepreneurship. I see female entrepreneurs who have successfully made it to the top as torch bearers who have lit the torch for all of us to follow.’

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Credit: The Embassy of the Netherlands in Ghana