Stay-at-Home Parents, Show Hiring Managers You’re Ready to Return to Work

When you’re ready to go back to work after being a stay-at-home parent, you often have to combat unfair stereotypes and myths that could penalize you as a job candidate. The hiring manager may be wondering “Do they really want to be here?” or “Do they have child care figured out?” Proactively allay these concerns by explaining why you’re applying for this job at this moment. Stress that you’re eager to return to the workforce so that you can make a contribution — and how, specifically, you’d like to do so at this company. You can also emphasize that you’re now in a position to take a job because your caregiving responsibilities have lightened. Perhaps your kids have started school, you’ve hired a nanny, or the kids are older now and don’t need as much supervision. That information shows you’ll be a motivated employee and won’t be more distracted by personal obligations than anyone else.


Credit: HBR