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Effective November 12, 2018, consumers are to pay 30ps instead of 20ps for the same size sachet water, affectionately called pure water.

The National Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers (NASPAWAP) last week announced that prices of sachet water will go up effective today November 12, 2018.

Explaining the reason for the increase, the association said the decision is due to increase in the cost of production.

A bag of  pure water is therefore now expected to be purchased by all the trucks and depots at GHC 3.50 pesewas.

The figure is a jump from the GHC2.50 pesewas and sometimes GHC 3 that retailers have been purchasing in the past.

However, some Ghanaians have expressed displeasure at the increment in the price of sachet water from 20Gp to 30Gp, representing a 50 percent increment.

For most consumers, sachet water is the only street life-saver and an increase in its price will affect their daily expenditure.

Meanwhile, some retailers of sachet water who spoke to Ghanatalksbusiness have welcomed the decision, saying it will help them recover cost.

According to them, the sale of water under the sun is a stressful venture and so the increment would motivate them to stay in business.

“Selling  water under the sun and chasing cars in traffic is a very stressful experience. We are okay with the increment and we hope that our clients bear with us.”

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