Education is vitally important and should never be taken for granted. Some have had great opportunities drop on their lapse because of the academic laurels they chalked. Others have calked great successes as a result of unleashing the competences and knowledge base they derived from climbing high the academic leather. That said there are also a good number of failures and non-performers in life who have multiple degrees and certificates. The reality is that formal education isn`t the sole prerequisite (or a without which) for success in life; that you dropped out of school is no reason to settle for less in life. That you dropped out of school is no reason you should consign yourself to living a second-rated life. Do you know that some school drop outs are responsible for some of the stupendous feats in our world today? Well, in this post, I will name a few with the hope that their stories will inspire you (whether less formally educated or not) to dare to dream big dreams and to work at making those dreams realities.

Richard Branson: He is the billionaire founder of the Virgin brand which includes about 200 companies such as Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Records stores and music label. He dropped out of school at 16 to start Student Magazine which turned out just fine.

Bill Gates: He held the position of the world`s richest man for thirteen consecutive years (according to Forbes magazine) and is the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, the world`s largest software company. He voluntarily dropped out of Harvard to focus on building Microsoft Corporation.

Thomas Edison: Perhaps the most prolific inventor of all time. World famous for his invention of the electric light bulb and is credited with building the first industrial research laboratory. He held over 1,093 patents in his name across the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany. His teachers taught very lowly of him as a boy. He did not begin schooling early because of ill health, dropped out of school only after three months of schooling and had to be schooled at home by his mother.

Benjamin Franklin: Features prominently in the history of the United States of America and is considered one of its founding fathers. He was co-author and co-signer of the Declaration of Independence. He also was a scientist, inventor, author, publisher, politician and a diplomat. He dropped out of school at age 10 to work with his father and subsequently with his elder brother.

Steve Jobs: Billionaire co-founder of Apple Inc., one of the largest I T companies in the world and Pixar. He dropped out of Reed College in pursuit of his dreams; building Apple Inc.

Mark Zuckerberg: The young billionaire co-founder of the world`s largest social media platform, Facebook. He dropped out of Harvard to focus on promoting this social media site that has in time made him billions.

Walt Disney: Left behind indelible imprints in the sands of animations. He is the billionaire founder of Walt Disney and was widely regarded as one of the most influential animators of all time. He dropped out of school at 16.

Brian Tracy: A prolific author, motivational speaker, consultant and top sales trainer. He has taught well over 500, 000 sales people his techniques, in over 500 companies. He is also the founding president of Brian Tracy International. As a youngster in high school, he was suspended and eventually expelled from three different high schools because of his conduct. He had to resort to laboring jobs, to begin with.

The above are but a few of several notable achievers who dropped out of school but refused to drop out of making something great of their lives. To suggest that these notable personalities had it all rosy in the pursuit of their dreams will be an error of epic proportions. They defied monumental odds to chalk phenomenal feats. They experienced a great deal of hassle, including setbacks, disappointments, and momentary failures; their focus, determination, diligence and commitment to continuously learning from their mistakes are some of their note-worthy traits. You certainly have no excuse to be a failure in life, whether or not you have little or much formal education. 


Author:  Daniel Dela Dunoo

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