Working from home or on the road can boost your productivity and engagement, but only if you have everything you need to get your work done. Your phone and laptop are essential, of course, but there is other equipment that will make your life easier:

Your own hotspot. Sometimes Wi-Fi won’t be easily accessible, so make sure you have a backup. Look for tools that are portable, such as a USB stick from your wireless provider or your mobile phone.
A headset. You need one for those lengthy, hands-free conversations. Consider a wired version that you won’t have to charge or pair wirelessly with your phone or computer.
Extra chargers. Keep one in your bag and in your car. You can’t work if you don’t have power.
A mini power strip. It’s frustrating when you’re about to run out of juice in a crowded café or at a convention and all of the outlets are taken. With this, you can ask one claimant to plug into your strip instead. Look for a compact, cordless model.

Source: HBR