M-DoZ Consulting, a Business & Financial Planning Consulting Company on February 5, 2019 launched a Retirement & Investment Club with the aim to ensuring financial security of its members especially at the crucial stage of retirement.

M-DOZ Retirement & Investment club is the first of its kind in the nation, and was birthed out of the necessity to educate members and to create opportunity for financial independence. The club which has mainly been delivering Retirement planning sessions for corporate organisations, churches and associations identified the need with the larger part of the population.

It could be noted that people need legitimate and productive avenues to build wealth and plan for their retirement but the level of awareness is critically low. Another need identified was the lack of basic insights required for people to invest in the right instruments. The event saw a pensions consultants, Yaw Korankye and Elizabeth Yeboah taking the members through investments considerations and various options available to plan for retirement.

Mrs Amma Adjeiwaa Antwi, Executive Member of Club

Speaking at the launch, the Executive Secretary of the Club Amma Adjeiwaa Antwi advanced that, “Concern for security of our finances is currently heightened with recent mishaps in the financial industry. Eyebrows are constantly being raised with individuals and institutions having funds locked up in financial institutions they have worked with over years and felt comfortable with. I believe there couldn’t have been a better time to launch a club with such a vision”.

She added that, “drawing from general responses from people when discussions on pensions and retirement planning are raised, we realize that there is usually a low awareness by the general public on pertinent issues relating to those topics. With the vision of the club, we hope to mitigate this concern and ensure members who are in the workforce now, are well informed of choices available to them to plan effectively for retirement and in making investment decisions.

The Club is particularly for

  1. Self-employed and informal business persons who may not really have any serious pension plan. It is actually a must for the informal sector business person to join the club and benefit from its offerings.
  2. Also for employees who may wish to further contribute to their pension from other business sources.
  3. Employees who haven’t as yet made a full use their tax advantages and/or do not join any 3rd tier scheme at all.
  4. An employee who wants more from their investments and pensions
  5. Individuals seeking to make informed investment decisions

Several benefits would be available to individuals. These include: Pension Trustee services because we would be serving as individual trustees to the club’s scheme in which contributions go.  The club has partnered with licensed and credible Corporate Trustees to serve them.

• Free entry into Retirement Planning & Investment Seminars to be held twice a year
• Regular Investment Tit-bits and webinar to be held twice a year which would be broadcast on facebook and members can ask questions on the webinar.
• We have additionally partnered with a lawyer for the club to provide Wills and trust service to members who may be interested.

She stressed the need for everyone making an income to be part of the club to make the most of their investments and their retirement life.

For further details/enquiries about the Club or how to join please call 0201196080 or 0559557228.