Ghana Talks Business TV- Kenneth Kwamina Thompson

Chief Executive Officer of Dalex Finance, Kenneth Kwamina Thompson speaks on Ghana Talks TV on the capacity of talents churned by our educational institutions and their relevance to contemporary job market.

Over the years, the Ghanaian educational system has received bashing for not churning out the relevant talents and manpower to push the development agenda of the nation in corporate Ghana, public or civil service and even joining the entrepreneurial bandwagon to create employment.

The Dalex CEO and Businessman of the year 2016 at the BFT business awards contends that, students need to improve themselves because “99% of the things you’ll need to succeeds will not be taught in the classroom.”

“If you are coming out of university and you don’t know how to type, its a problem, if you cannot speak good english, its a problem, if you don’t know how to analyse, its a problem, if you don’t know how to think, its a problem, so in as much as the educational system has it issues, a lot of it depends on yourself.”

Ghana Talks TV is a business management, finance and economics magazine show and it will be airing on your local TV channel soon. It’s produced by M-DoZ Media, with Yaw Korankye Antwi as host of the show.