Perhaps the idea of holding a paint brush could be intimidating for most of us. While some people can draw a straight line without the aid of a ruler, we must also admit that there is a lot of us who just could not get it right even with a ruler at hand.
This should indicate that not all of us are artists, but the good news is that, we do not need the artistic skill to create our vision chart. I think if there is any area where we can all be called artists is in the area of creating our vision chart. Each of us could be the painter of a masterpiece: our vision! As we watch how our concept comes alive.
There is indeed power in vision/sight, there is power in seeing an image or a picture of either an event, a thing or a place. There is something about an experience of an image or picture you cannot otherwise receive from words. Not to say that words are not powerful, to a certain degree words whether written or spoken do carry a significant weight of power as mentioned in last week’s article.
However, an image or picture has certain additional elements which makes the level of its power even more intense and therefore creating a lasting imprint in our subconscious mind. A picture brings alive a scenario. It has an ability to narrate or tell a story engaging the complete human being; the spirit, body and soul. By looking at a picture, one can see; taste; smell; touch; feel, which enhances and accelerates the speed in which one travels using the imagination. It makes it more “real” for lack of a better expression, more memorable. It is multi-dimensional, richer, which is why vision is so powerful.
Having a vision chart is equally as powerful, and while not all of us can draw or design, that should not stop us. The idea is to have the vision chart not necessarily a skill on fine arts and so we can always print out or cut out already existing pictures or images that relate to our vision and paste them on our chart, and then continue to label them or illustrate them as we desire. There is really no right or wrong way. It is your vision chart. You get to decide what goes on it, bearing in mind that the manifestation of it is something you would want to live with. You can also go as far as framing it and putting it up where it will be visible.
Our vision will shape our path for us, it will outline our habits and serve as a guideline for the decisions we make along the way. The earlier we have one, the better but it is never too late to enquire of yourself. Your vision is the throb of your purpose, it fuels your everyday and serves as a skeleton or plan for your character. Without it we have no drive, no accountability towards life. Without a clear vision chart we have no sense of direction and that is a life crisis. The chances of a recorded vision (vision chart) manifesting into a reality are much higher than those of a vision that is not recorded. This is just one of those mysteries about life that I believe can never be accurately explained. If you are reading my article right now, I encourage you to have a vision, create a vision chart and then run with it.

Author: Lerato Charlotte Letsoso/GhOne TV | Email: