In this technologically advance era, some tasks that were once cumbersome and time consuming have become possible merely by the click of a few buttons. One of the areas where this has proven to be beneficial has been the emergence of employment/job search websites (or portals). The phenomenon of having to move from office to office to tender job applications is fast becoming a thing of the past. One only has to sit behind a computer with internet access to submit job applications to several companies in a matter of a few hours, if not minutes. I have occasionally submitted over thirty applications at a sitting. This I did through a couple of websites that feature job vacancy listings. The sad reality however is that many job seekers are not exploring this viable option perhaps due in part to the ignorance of some. 

Some job search sites offer employer reviews, career and job-search advice, CV writing services and describe different job descriptions or employers. Through a job search website a prospective employee can locate and fill out a job application or submit resumes over the internet for the advertised position. Some job seekers have subsequently received invitations for interviews whereas others have actually landed the jobs they applied for. The good news is that there are several websites that feature job vacancies in Ghana and any job seeker in Ghana (especially the unemployed graduate) can make the most of this window of opportunity. In this piece, I will take a brief look at five top job search websites in Ghana. 

This website is a multi-purpose website that features news, adverts and daily job listings amongst others. It is by far my favorite job search portal. It is easy to use and time saving. Unlike many other job search portals in Ghana, the job seeker is not required to create an account with the website as a prerequisite for applying for jobs posted on this site. No payments are required whatsoever. In a matter of a few seconds, you can submit a job application for a job vacancy posted on this site. And by the way, job vacancies are posted on this site daily. About 95% of job interviews I have ever attended (or been called for) and have ever landed have been in response to job applications I submitted via this website. 

This site was ranked Ghana`s No. 1 job search site by and is perhaps the fastest-growing employment website in Ghana. attracts more than 6,000 unique job seekers a month, based on website traffic. Job vacancies are featured in specific industry categories on this site daily. Such job vacancies range from entry level jobs to executive positions. Viewing job listings and submitting job applications on this site is free. However, you can only submit job applications after you have registered with or as it were, created an account with the site. 

Though founded in 2010, was launched in October 26, 2011 as an online recruitment portal that provides a platform which enables employers connect with candidates. This site has since successfully pioneered web based job recruitment in Ghana, delivering great value to both recruiters and job seekers. features regular updates of job vacancies, affording job seekers in Ghana the opportunity to browse in search of suitable jobs and to submit job applications. Creating an account with this site is not a prerequisite for applying for jobs posted on this site. Emails of employers are usually featured below the job listings. Consequently, applications will ordinarily be submitted via email or post.

Yet another phenomenal job search site in Ghana is JoblistGhana is a part of Joblist International which provides services in over five countries. is neither owned nor run by a recruitment agency. Basically acts as aggregator for jobs in Ghana. It features job vacancies in Ghana by industry categorization and regional categorization. is designed to make the process of finding a job on the internet easier for the end user and is intended to help everyone by connecting job seekers with employers at all levels. Neither fees nor the creation of an account is required as a prerequisite for accessing job listings and submitting applications for the same. You can have free regular and up to date job vacancy alerts emailed to you by subscribing for free on the site. All that will be required is your email address; nothing more.

This job search website is owned and run by L`Ane Services Ltd., a market leader in the human resource/recruitment industry in Ghana. features job openings that can be viewed for free.  However, to apply for any job vacancy on this site, the job seeker is required to sign in/create an account and his or her profile must be at least 20% completed. 

If you are a job seeker, do make some time to check out these sites. This may perhaps be that major step you require to land your dream job. To your job hunting success!! 


Author: Daniel Dela Dunoo

(Freelance writer/editor, blogger & published author) 

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