A US jury has awarded $150m (£100m) to the family of a four-year old boy that died in a crash involving a Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2012.

Remington Walden died after the Jeep he was travelling was struck from behind by a truck, which ruptured its rear fuel tank causing it to ignite.

Chrysler will pay 99% of the sum and the driver of the other vehicle 1%.

In 2013 Chrysler recalled 1.56 million Jeep SUVs built between 1993-98 with similar rear fuel tanks.

The model Remington died in was built in 1999 and was therefore not among those recalled.

Chrysler said that the 1999 model was not defective and dangerous.

But jurors said the car giant was liable for the death and the company had failed to warn customers that the tank’s position could increase the risk of a fire.

The family claimed their son would have been better protected if the tank was placed further forward in the car.