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Devtraco, unarguably one of the well-known real estate developers in Ghana, turns 25.

Incorporated in August 1993, Devtraco Limited started as a block factory providing high-quality concrete blocks for construction companies.

By 1995, Devtraco started its first development, the GREDA Estates, located in Teshie-Nungua.

After this, several other developments followed, like the Dovehill Estates (1997), Devtraco Villas (2002) and Trevelli Gardens (2011). The most famous development so far, Devtraco Courts at Tema Community 25, was launched in 2013.

Block production in the 90’s

This is the largest gated community in Ghana, with 1,500 residential units (houses and apartments). 80% of these houses have already been sold and inhabited. Devtraco Courts brought nationwide awareness to the company. In addition, the many national and international awards received in the past 25 years, contributed to putting Devtraco in the international limelight, especially by the international media. Devtraco evolved and created other subsidiary companies like Devtraco Plus (specialized in high-end real estate), Fabrico Ghana (construction) and Talis Property Services.

More recently, the company forged plans to expand its business internationally by soon developing 5,000 homes in Liberia, as well as several hotels with international brands.

To celebrate this Silver Jubilee, Devtraco is preparing a series of internal events where, for instance, the longest-serving employees will be awarded. Even better, new owners of properties at Devtraco Courts will receive a free giveaway; they will have their homes furnished for free!

“It’s Devtraco’s birthday but the presents are for their newest owners only. We wish Devtraco the best and hope they keep their Silver Jubilee Promo for a long time, so all new clients can enjoy the free furniture” the company said in a statement.

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More about Devtraco

Devtraco Limited has been in existence since 1993 as one of Ghana’s leading real estate companies. They commenced operations with the mission of being the number one real estate company in the country, providing exclusive homes and striving to be the company with the most satisfied residents.

Devtraco Limited is the first and currently the only Ghanaian real estate developer to receive the CNBC International Residential Property Award, UK-Africa Region. Its head office is located on the Spintex Road, and the company employs over 500 people. They are one of the largest and prominent real estate companies in the country in terms of market capitalization.

Their estates span across emerging areas in the Greater Accra Region. These include Greda Housing Project at Teshie-Nungua, Dovehill Estates at Spintex Road, Devtraco Villas at Baatsona (Tema Community 18) and currently, Devtraco Courts at Tema Community 25. “We pride ourselves as a company that provides a wide range of homes and services to our clientele. These varied choices include real estate developments, building contractors, estate management services, rentals and sale of serviced plots. At Devtraco, we are committed to providing quality housing solutions to our customers through our professional staff and state-of-the-art building technology”.

“Our wealth of experience in the provision of building and housing needs has helped us understand client needs and aided our quest to provide tailor-made solutions to them. Our current project, Devtraco Courts, currently houses over 1,200 residents.”

Future plans

“The company hopes to within the next two years, house an estimated 1,500 families and it is being developed over an acquired land area of 205 acres.” As the first ever Master Planned community of its kind in Ghana, the Devtraco Courts has in addition to the clustered homes, a recreational area, a playground, a police station, a fire station, and a GoKart racetrack.

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Other amenities include a clubhouse, a shopping mall, a school, and a water park that are scheduled to be developed. “This unique offer affords our clientele who run retail businesses the opportunity of living, working, shopping, educating their children, having access to police officers etc, all within their immediate community; thus eliminating much of the inconvenience associated with commuting from home to town for basic amenities, including traffic jams” the company said.

Source: Citinewsroom