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Vice-President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia on Thursday, 4 April 2019 launched the Ghana-Oracle Digital Enterprise Programme (GODEP).

GODEP is a collaboration between the government of Ghana and Oracle Corporation to develop technology-enabled startups in the country.

Ghana is the first country in Africa chosen by Oracle for its Global Partnership on startups.

The move, according to Dr Bawumia, will enable, at least, 500 local startups to access and utilise the Oracle Cloud technology to facilitate their business growth.

Dr Bawumia further reiterated the government’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for tech startups and other businesses to grow and generate jobs for the youth of Ghana.

At the launch, Dr Bawumia challenged Ghana’s youth to take advantage of the various partnerships, policies and programmes being implemented by the government to innovate and make technology an integral part of Ghanaian society.

For Dr Bawumia, the government’s focus on building a technologically adept society, leading to the decision by several global players to set up shop in Ghana, is a god-sent opportunity for the youth to explore new technology and innovate to meet the needs of society.

Ghana-Oracle Digital Enterprise Programme (GODEP), is part of the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem, Oracle’s programme for entrepreneurs and innovators worldwide. The programme will enable at least 500 local start-ups to access and utilize the Oracle Cloud technology.

Ghana is the first country in Africa chosen by Oracle for its Global Partnership on startups, but this is no coincidence, according to Dr Bawumia.

“It is not by coincidence that we were the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to seek independence, and today it is not by coincidence that Google has decided to set up its headquarters for Artificial Intelligence in Africa in Accra, and it is not by coincidence that Oracle has decided to set up the first of such partnerships in Africa in Ghana,” he underscored.

“Ghana looks forward. We are the gateway to Africa, the ever shining black star – with a forward looking mindset. We only expect new glorious breakthroughs because at present, we are ready to apply new remedies with digitization and technology innovation.

“I encourage all tech enthusiasts, tech startups, and tech companies to take advantage of all the avenues created by the Government of Ghana through this new partnership with Oracle.

“Actively be part of the platforms and services at your disposal to unearth latent talents. Showcase and sharpen your strengths and competencies. We must attain the heights where technology becomes a pliant tool by which our socio-economic and physical environment is manicured into a desired legacy worth leaving to posterity.”