Weddings are a big deal in this country. Every weekend is never complete without a wedding happening at one place or another.

Weddings are also an opportunity for people to show their wealth and how connected they are. However, a wedding is as good as its reception.

Furthermore, there are wedding couples who do not settle for the normal for their reception. They strive to prove themselves and how ‘heavy’ they are.

Hotels are a very vibrant option when considering a venue for your wedding reception. These days, they are spread all over the country with a few standout ones that provide for all needs and are affordable.

The Royal Senchi

A luxury 5-star hotel in Ghana, this amazing resort is situated in Akosombo, Ghana. It presents luxury with their beautiful riverfront, amazing pool and breathtaking landscape, 24-hour electricity and air-conditioning, and free WiFi is provided for all guests. A large parking space and abled personnel available to assist you with all needs.